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“Bring out the Best in you”

We are pleased to share the College counselling programs at ThinkScience academy. Our services typically start from 9 th grade to 12th grade. The programs are designed to bring out the best potential in your child. Many of our students have been placed in esteemed institutions like UPenn, Dartmouth, University of Chicago, Duke, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley etc to name a few..

Who We Are

Founded by Dr. Hema Bharath, a Dentist by profession with more than a decade of experience in academia. Dr. Hema, a former research fellow at the University of Washington (UW), has published several papers in the area of Periodontal diseases and Toll Like receptors. Dr. Hema Holds a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degree from India, MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Williams College, Cincinnati OH, MS Oral Medicine and MS Oral Biology from University of Washington, School of Dentistry, Columbia University Certified College Counsellor. Thinkscience Academy has been offering extended enrichment programs in the field of science throughout the U.S. for students with our online and in person classes. ThinkScience is well known for the various awards and accolades by the teaching strategies and placements it has provided to its students. Students from grade 4 to grade 12 have been learning and benefiting through the variety of programs that we offer.

Our Mission College counselling services:

To provide a collaborated experience for our students to bring out the best potential in them.
We provide:

  • A review of the coursework that will optimize your child’s interest and passion.
  • Recommend course curriculum that meets your child’s goals and what colleges would like the student to demonstrate.
  • Provide extra-curricular activities to suit the students’ academic and non-academic interests. These include summer programs and options available for the student to further enrich their passion and learning.
  • Provide a balanced course load that is challenging but not overwhelming.
  • Role of SAT, ACT, Subject SATs, AP testing and standardized tests.
  • Provide guidance on the schools that would meet/match their goals both academic and non-academic.
  • Guidance with college and summer program essays.
  • Guidance with the whole nine yards of the college application process.

How the program works:

We meet 1:1 with the student and the parents to understand your child’s need. We format a personal program that will best suit your child. We recommend 20 hour package for college counselling sessions to ensure that this meets the student’s goals. Other options on hourly basis and additional sessions can be provided as needed. Please call or email for the fee structure and payment options.

Success Stories:

Many students at ThinkScience College Counselling programs have been
placed in prestigious Universities to name a few listed below.

  • Dartmouth
  • Johns Hopkins Pre-med programs Direct Admit
  • UPitt Pre-med program Direct Admit
  • Carnegie Melon University (CS program)
  • Duke University
  • UPenn Wait-listed (CS Program)
  • University of Chicago Waitlisted (CS Program)
  • Berkeley
  • University of Michigan Computer Science program Direct Admit
  • University of Washington Direct Admit Computer Science
  • Purdue university Computer Science Program Direct admit
  • University of Southern California
  • UT Austin
  • Texas A&M
  • Arizona state University
  • University of Oregon
  • Cal Poly Direct Admit Computer science
  • University of California at Los Angles
  • UC Irvine
  • UCSD
  • Northeastern
  • UT Austin CS Program
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Virginia Commonwealth School of Engineering
  • Virgnia Commonwealth (BSMD program)
  • Hofstra University (BSMD)
  • University of Portland
  • University of Washington Bothell
  • University of Alabama Birmingham (BSMD)
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Michigan Pred-med program.

ThinkScience Summer programs placements:

Hearty Congratulations to Students of ThinkScience Academy College counselling for being placed in many summer programs for research and training. Please see below a small sample of the programs the students were placed in. Research/Summer programs are very vital in the college application process and I’m very proud of all my students.

  • UPenn Neuroscience Summer research program
  • RISE Summer internship program
  • UW Insight Summer program
  • National institute of mental health NAMI Program
  • Institute of systems Biology research
  • Providence Medical center internship
  • Valley medical center Program
  • Kindred Hospice program
  • Red cross Volunteering program
  • Students being featured in Redmond Reporter for NAMI
  • Students being featured in Redmond reporter for National Science Bowl

Few parental and Students notes…

—-“Dr Hema, We associated with you much later than we should have. It was between 11th and 12th grade. I’m so happy that we got referred to you and you agreed to help us out, though we were terribly late. Ideally I should have approached you in 2017 itself. I must admit, given the paucity of time, you did more than we had expected. You treated him like a son, not just a student. When he was stubborn about certain suggestions, you did not budge and persisted till he understood the reasons behind the suggestions. You patiently reminded him about his priorities and brought him back from distractions, when required. At the risk of sounding pompous, I must admit that you were the reason for his near-perfect essay! You had him iterate the essay till he surprised himself and all of us! You encouraged him to complete his book ‘Bitter Sugar’ and gave him valuable inputs when he faced challenges with his research. All his extra curricular activities were correctly prioritized, woven and highlighted, in a manner we would not have been able to do without your help. Your insightful guidance has landed him in his college of choice, Johns Hopkins. Thank you🙏 very much. You have helped a young boy with dreams wake up to the sweet reality of success! Regards” –( Vidhi) Parent.

—-Hi Hema, Thank you for providing the support and guidance we needed for Nithin’s college process. He has got admission into some really great schools for CS. It was a long journey to get here but with your help it was easier. I recall the very first meeting we had at the junior year and right away felt we should have reached out to you sooner. Your knowledge walking us through the college application process, what Universities look for, attention-to-detail, and what else our son needed to do fill in the gaps was simply incredible. You were persuasive until his essays were solid and his applications were submitted right. There were 2 things that felt me more connected with you than anything else. 1. When he was getting his initial college rejections I used to pick up the phone and just vent out to you any time of the day. You patiently listened. You always encouraged us and told us not give hope and told us he will get into great colleges.You were so optimistic when we needed you the most. 2. The other thing that surprised me was that you never reminded me of paying the amount we owed you. We were always behind on the payments and you told us to pay whenever we can.You were more focused into making sure he got into a great school rather than treat us like a business client. For these 2 things, we are eternally grateful. I thank my friend who referred me to you. And my friends will thank me for referring you to them.Wishing you the best in everything in life. Thanks! —-(Yamuna) Parent..

—-“Dr. Hema was extremely helpful throughout the college application process! She gave step by step advice on how to approach college applications and followed up to make sure I was on track. After an initial consultation, she identified various areas of strength and weakness. She helped modify my application to highlight my strengths and gave me advice on how to improve my weaker areas. She has a lot of great ideas on what direction people should take their essays (mine was discarded/revised multiple times before I was happy with it), and how people can improve their extracurriculars (she put me in contact with a publishing company so I could publish a book I had been working on) among other things. Perhaps the most impressive thing about her, however, was her help with thorough preparation for interviews for colleges, internships, and volunteer positions. She was available every time I had questions and promptly replied with helpful tips. I would advise that you contact her earlier rather than later so you can get started with the application process. She will be able to guide and help you get accepted to your dream college!!” –( Sanchit) Student.

—-Dr Hema was very helpful in getting me into my dream college of Duke. She guided me to the college selection process, summer internships , helped with building a strong resume. The highlights were in the drafting of the essays. She gave me wonderful ideas and edits for the essays. The interview preparation process made wonders. Thanks Dr Hema for your guidance. –(Student

—-“I started going to Dr. Bharath late junior year feeling desolate about my chances of getting into a good college. Although I should have began working with her earlier, she spent a lot of energy making sure my essays and college profile were well above standards. She was of great help in encouraging me when I felt low and constantly checked in to ensure I was challenging myself and performing to my best ability. With her help, I was able to write excellent essays and frame my application in a way that helped me gain acceptance to Johns Hopkins. Her guidance was pivotal in my acceptance, and I am very glad I had the opportunity to work with her. Without her help I could have not come this far. Thanks Dr Bharath!” –(Nivedita) Student

How to reach us

For further info, You can reach us by calling 425-312-3176 or email us at

info@thinkscienceacademy.comWe are looking forward to being a part of your child’s education journey and
learning experience!!
Onwards and Upwards!
ThinkScience Academy!